WSDA celebrates New Year’s day with a Salmon Ceremony at the Vedder river, Jan.1, 2018.

The Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance enjoyed a beautiful Wild Salmon Ceremony at the Vedder river’s edge to start 2018. Eddie spoke about the sacred relationship of wild salmon to the natural world, and the importance of living in a manner that respects nature and protects the world for future generations. Many people attended including Grace Kelly, to whom we are grateful for the idea to hold this ceremony on New Year’s Day. It was heart-warming to have the children attend and participate in the ceremony, as well as so many activists and people who share a love of nature and respect for Indigenous culture. Such a beautiful day by the river with eagles flying overhead and the snow topped mountains behind us!
Following the ceremony, many of us headed to the Tractor Grease cafe where we shared our thoughts, sang and drummed the sacred songs, and enjoyed a delicious meal and each other’s company. All and all it was a wonderful start to 2018, and filled us with inspiration and resolve to do everything we can to protect wild salmon.