Mounting peer-reviewed scientific research reveals fish farms pose grave and immediate threats to wild salmon on the Pacific coast. Aggressive fish farm expansion on migration routes of wild salmon has led to:
Introduction of exotic viruses and diseases to BC waters
DFO appears to be willing to put wild salmon at risk by refusing to ensure farmed salmon are tested for the much feared Piscine reovirus, contrary to Section 56 of the Fisheries Act
New salmon virus found in farmed salmon(April 14, 2012 – CBC)
Salmon-Killing Virus Seen for First Time in the Wild on the Pacific Coast(Oct. 17, 2011 – NY Times)
Population explosions of sea lice, a known disease vector, from salmon farms, are one of the most significant threats facing wild salmon in British Columbia
Declining Wild Salmon Populations in Relation to Parasites from Farm Salmon(Dec. 14, 2007 – SCIENCE)
Medical advisories warning people not to consume farmed salmon more than once or twice a month, and advising pregnant women to avoid farmed salmon altogether because of high contamination levels
Farmed Salmon Dangers(July 9, 2013 – Mercola)
The irresponsible actions of the ocean aquaculture industry and of government regulators result in serious threats to both wild salmon and to consumers of farmed salmon.