The Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance congratulates restaurants that serve ONLY wild salmon on their menus – thereby playing an important part in protecting our coastal wild salmon!

WSDA urges you, the consumer, to patronize only restaurants on our list below that meet that criteria. Please let us know if you’ve got a favourite to add to our list – and let restaurants know if they’ve been naughty or nice.

Abbotsford Lepp Farm Market 33955 Calyburn Road 604 851-5377 yes no
Chilliwack Bravo! Restaurant 46224 Yale Road 604 792-7721 yes no
Maple Ridge Bruce's Country Market 23963 Lougheed Hwy 604 463-9817 yes no
Mission Embers BBQ house 107-32559 Logan Ave. 604 826-1191 yes no
Mission L.A. Sushi Fusion Restaurant 33152 1st Ave. 604 820-7592 yes yes
Mission Mission Akasaka 33227 1st Ave. 604 826-5108 yes yes
Mission Sushi Te Japanese Restaurant 32423 Lougheed Hwy 604 820-1500 yes yes
Multiple locations Ricky's Restaurant gotoricky' yes no