WSDA rallies at Vancouver Supreme court in support of fish farm occupiers Nov. 14, 2017

On Nov 10, 2017, Marine harvest served occupiers Molina Dawson and Karissa Glendale with an injunction to leave their fish farm, described by Alexandra Morton as a precedent-setting effort to dislodge First Nations from their own territory. They appeared before a judge at the Vancouver supreme court on Nov. 14. The Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance was out in force to support these courageous occupiers, who were interviewed by throngs of media along with Earnest Alfred, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, and Eddie Gardner. We watched the court proceedings in which occupiers’ legal counsel requested an extension to prepare their defense which was granted. They were required to leave the fish farm, and remove all their structures as a show of good faith, until the next hearing, which is scheduled for Dec 14th. We call on all wild salmon supporters to come to the next hearing 9:30 am Thursday Dec 14th at the Vancouver courthouse- 800 Smithe street.