EVENT: Musgamagw Dzwada’enuzw Solidarity at VAG

Rally in Solidarity with Musgamagw Dzwada’enuzw – Fish Farms Out!

Capping a seven-day, four-stop Tour, a Solidarity Rally was held on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery honouring the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw and their voyage on board the Sea Shepherd’s R/V Martin Sheen along with biologist Alexandra Morton. Their campaign most recently saw hereditary chiefs and representatives serve a 72-hour eviction notice upon Cermaq/Mitsubishi at their fish farm near Burdwood Islands.
First Nations deliver anti-salmon farm message in Victoria

Cleansing Our Waters – Nations Linking Arms
The Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw in collaboration with Sea Shepherd and Alexandra Morton call for your support as we, in assertion of our indigenous rights, deliver a message to remove fish farms from our traditional territories to the governments of British Columbia and Canada.

Delegates T’łat’łagwoł (Melissa Willie), Chief Okwilagame (Willie Moon), K’wak’wabalas (Ernest Alfred) & Chief Waxawidi (William Wasden Jr) will be departing with the crew of the R/V Martin Sheen & Alexandra Morton from Campbell River, Monday August 29th, 1:00 pm

The ship will stopover in the following locations (times may change depending on conditions) :

Comox – Tuesday, August 30th 1:00 pm Nanaimo – Wednesday, August 31st 3:00 pm Victoria Inner Harbour – Saturday, September 3rd 1:00 pm Vancouver – Monday, September 5th 1:00 pm

We request your support to unite in solidarity with all indigenous nations, who also face industrial exploitation of their ancestral territories, to come and add your voice to these rallies.

“The wild salmon connect all of us, they migrate through all of our territories. We depend on it. So let’s link arms and come together. I also ask British Columbians, I know a lot of you don’t agree with fish farming – link arms with us!” Chief Ol’ Siwid (Mike Willie)

For further information on this movement see
Our Website: Cleansing Our Waters
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Twitter: #fishfarmsgetout
Instagram: cleansingourwaters
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