November 30, 2017 – CBC

Blood discharge spewing into B.C. ocean infecting salmon: scientist
tavish campbell finds evidence of contaminated fish farm effluent
image credit: Tavish Campbell
Wild salmon off the B.C. coast are swimming metres away from a stream of blood pouring into the water — the byproduct of farmed-salmon being processed at Brown’s Bay Packing Company, near Campbell River, B.C.

Underwater videographer and naturalist Tavish Campbell filmed fish blood being released into B.C. waters. He says he wasn’t prepared “for how shocking it was to see the blood flowing out” — even though he knew about it for some time.

The dive to reach the end of the pipe was 90-feet deep, meaning Campbell was in complete darkness.

“As I approach the pipe, my lights illuminated just this huge billowing cloud of blood being released into the bay and in that blood, you could see thousands of shimmering scales kind of flowing up into the water column,” Campbell tells The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti…..

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