November 3, 2016 – Huffington Post

Please, Save Our B.C. Salmon
huffington post: save our wild salmon
image credit: Danita Delimont
To understand just how important wild salmon are to the people of BC, consider this: a 2011 public opinion poll showed wild salmon are as culturally important to British Columbians as the French language is to Quebeckers.

It is no overstatement. Wild salmon underpin the west coast ecosystem, contribute billions to the economy through fisheries and wildlife tourism, and are central to First Nations culture.

This year’s collapse of the mighty Fraser sockeye — once the world’s largest sockeye run — is an ominous sign that our wild salmon stand on the brink. So it is out of desperation that we appeal to our fellow Canadians: Please, help us convince our federal government to end its war on wild salmon….

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